Bonnie Hill-Dowdy

This body of work I have been working on since 2000 has involved the same concept of travel combined with nature. The sustainability of nature is by far the most powerful form of art form to me. For example, in 2008, growing amongst the crumbling ruins of Greece, I found a thistle sprouting outside one of the monuments.  My love of travel and nature intertwine through the different vegetation I find in each of the locations. The ability of nature to live among the ruins shows the strength of nature.  Nature is very powerful and sustainable whereas man-made structures seem to be temporary.  In a piece from 2014 an Evening Primrose weed is imaged alongside a cigarette.   I was showing how nature is even surviving in the most difficult situations in a crack on the streets of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I am currently, working on a series called Pain, Flowers and Nature.



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